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This happened 6 months ago and although I did feel ashamed I must say in my own im a 42 year old, I consider myself in good shape i visit the gym four times a week I have a very attractive woman, have a daughter named Mary , who is 20, they separated to go by her boyfriend of two years per year, and really the heart was like that when they come home and say with enthusiasm, she at the same time, my wife and porntown I really, he was glad to who was sitting only a few broken TV in the living room was always willing feeds Maria knocked on the door and Mary called me, they say, to respond, should be the date of Gavin i have answered the door, and a handsome young man Smilde and Gavin said hello mary here we shook hands, I closed the door when I entered the IOF Waled, I must admit that I cried cheak the sexy ass in tight jeans to Mary that she wouldnt Gavin sat long took him to a beer and gaivn porntown chat I found it very attractive in the coming weeks, Gavin Gavin came more often and always got alongGavin Way said he was thinking of charging run corporations, but are switched on so naturally that offered in the sight of his hairy legs thick in strong cycling shorts and gave me an erection when we returned, we had porntown collapsed only two of us on the couch I had a drink, take a shower, ' why do not we both have a togther to save time ' to take, I said casually, 'ok' stairs we went, we both had a band nice hard body before Toender but his penis was not hard, it was huge and thick ' marys a happy girl,' he said frankly porntown look at his tail, he laughed GAB of the queue and said : ' iKNOW ' We stood in the shower, 'You're huge, and I bet brenda get enough of it ' until now, I had a large capacity hard 'does not not get enough of him,' I realized Gavin said to me when I drive I turned to face him, he seemed surprised that I took my cock in your hand and masturbate him slowly storta Gavin said a word out of the shower to dry it down the stairs I heard my jeans dryGavin went downstairs and looked at me the first time under his pants, walked slowly towards me stops his hand slid over my jeans, pulled his tail, 'I see you out of straw by itself', he said, we started squzing begain his cock to cock his pants HII 9inc tail was long and very thick, he came to me that snogged, as our cocks masturbated him away from me and masturbate faster, ' porntown fuck my ass big cock of your desire in the ass 'i asked wasted no time he leaned over me jeans to porntown her ankles, pushed his cock in quickly moving the' 'i grond ' go easy is a cock in the ass, which he will want to get, ' he gasped and took my load stronger,' as long as porntown youve had thickness of shit cock in the ass you have 'asked ' for a long time the months ' I said, 'you also my dick in sexy tight ass all the time that you and your shit daghter patients who can not get enough of it the ether of my tail,' he shot his load in the ass i straw my carthat side by side naked on the couch was Gavin was growing hard again, as he stroked his cock and balls squzed 'Suck my nipples,' he said lazly ran my tongue over my nipples, which grond both heavly breathing heavily drilled cornea that 'I want to suck my cock fucking ass' cock i sucked my cock Strock Gavin, he was sitting in my lap like ass ' fuck me fuck me, oh, yes,' he shouted, 'Fuck me so hard I need to fuck me hard, I porntown took the cock up I need to go ', they masturbate, while I did that night could have and Gavin fuck Mary in her room, heard a, Gavin go when she seemed Brenda , which ended up sleeping fucked dragged out of bed below Gavin went downstairs, opened his cloak, which had a huge hard sucking came in my mouth, then ishoved my cock into her mouth I came to the mouth than two back into the room
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